And so it begins…..

We have sold, given away, donated and trashed EVERYTHING we own except what we could fit into 2 suitcases (each, of course.)

We said good-bye to our mechanics, Frank & Frankie, at Frank’s Auto.  We drank our last long islands with Lily at China Palace and ate our last bi bim bop & ramen with Hai at Big Grill BBQ.  We ordered our last bouquet (for MK’s big #8) from Diana at Stems and had our last Venti French Roast and Trenta Green Iced Tea Unsweetened with the gang at the Vineyard Starbucks.  You all ROCK!!!

Guy had his last shave & trim with Ramiro at Kuts & Colors. We said good-bye to Natalie (you’re the awesomest), at Canine Concepts and handed off care of Fraser to Mikayla (and, of course, her Mom, Dad and Jayce).  Fraser will miss Jackie at the dog park (and Bob too!)

We’ve partied with and said good-byes (some rather tearful) to friends & family.

As we drove away from everything that we’ve ever known, it hit both of us…we are really doing this.

And if we were not so convinced in our hearts that this is the right thing for us to do, we’d probably have turned back.

We have crossed into new territory.  We’ve never been here before.  Super apprehensive…super excited….and, after the last few weeks of preparation, super tired.

But we both know that we know that we know:  this is the right path for us.

The oft spoken words of Peter Pan come to mind, as together we step off into the unknown with the hopes and dreams of what adventures lie ahead:

“Here we gooooo!”

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