One of the best parts of our plan to relocate is that we are not really sure where we want to go.

After much research and talk, we came to the conclusion that we can’t decide on where we want to go. Many countries have beach areas (hot and humid) and mountain areas (eternal spring, so they say) and, of course, whatever is in between.

Early on we came up with the idea of staying in country for the length of the tourist visa, which is usually 3 months. This way we can research the one country, narrow down to 2-3 towns we want to check out and then stay in those areas for a few weeks each. More than enough time to get a feel for the locale and an idea of whether or not it would make our personal International Home Hunter List.

Part of our preparation before we actually set up house outside the US of A is to get:
1. mail service
2. bank accounts
3. residency in a non-state-income-tax state.

Hence, our decision to move to Texas. Plus Guy has family here. We have been fortunate enough to get to know some of the sweetest people on earth, Ray and Denniece. They have opened their home and hearts to us for our stay in Texas and have treated us so much like royalty. Love them!

Mail service is available all over the place. But in Texas we can get a service that will provide us with a Texas primary address, receive and scan our mail, then allow us to review it online and decide what we want them to destroy and what we want them to forward to us once a month or so wherever we may be in the world. This saves us from paying for junk mail and the more costly shipping if each envelope was sent separately.

We are going to be in several different countries so having a bank that services most or all of the countries we will be in will be beneficial. I think that although we could probably have set up accounts in California, flying back to Texas for anything needing our face to face attention will be much quicker.

And just the fact that we got to take 10 days to travel and sightsee between California and Texas was very cool 🙂

3 thoughts on “Texas

  1. My mother-in-law is headed back to Sao Paulo this week and we will bring her back in November for another three month stay. So, our three bedroom apartment in Sao Paulo will be available while she’s here if you’re interested in braving that big city of 22 Million! Let us know!


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