What We’ve Been Up To…

Becoming a resident of the great state of Texas was not difficult but we had a couple days of running around.  However, we got our car registered, the insurance updated, a mail box set up and, as of yesterday, we got our DLs in the mail.  We are officially fer real Texans!  So happy 🙂

Recently we drove 3+ hours into Louisiana to hang with our California friends, Liz and Khailyn, while they were visiting their family, Kim and ONeal.  Kim made us AWESOME home cooked Korean food.  It was fried pork ribs.  Total yum!!!  Then breakfast in the morning.  I felt so pampered. 🙂

Kim & ONeal live in Leesville, LA.  If you’re ever there, you’ve got to try Frozen Spirits, a hangout of Liz and hubby, Jerry, when they were younger. Think: Spiked Slurpee.  Your choice of about 25 different flavors.  And you can try a couple flavors before making your decision.  Service could’ve been better, but we just smiled and ordered.  Connected to the shop is a small restaurant and pool table hall.  We didn’t get any food there, but Guy, Liz & I did play pool.

The amazing thing is that if you didn’t finish your cup and wanted to leave, you just had to get a new lid.  If you had a lid with a straw in it, it would be considered an open container.  Crazy!

We also went onto Fort Polk.  We saw a small but cool park with military vehicles and a couple memorials and went to the PX.

If you look at the sidebar, there is a little countdown I have posted for upcoming plans Guy & I may have.  Currently we are heading to the Caribbean on a cruise.  Yay!  In preparation, Guy & I are taking SCUBA lessons.  Guy’s always wanted to and I’ve always thought it seemed like a cool idea.

Wow!!! What an amazing and weird experience, to be underwater and breathing.  Guy is taking to it like the fish that he is.  I, on the other hand, am a bit more stressed out.  It’s overwhelming with all the things to learn and consider.  Especially since it’s UNDER the WATER.  But I think it’s a lot like when I learned to drive a motorcycle.  Tons more to consider than driving a car, but practice made me a lot more comfortable.

We will be diving in Roatan and possibly Cozumel as well.  I think that once I get under water and see all the sea life, I will be super glad that I did it.  Right now, I’m just kinda glad but nervous.  We have class and pool time Monday and Tuesday and an outdoor dive on Wednesday, I think.  It’s definitely challenging my boundaries.  I shall update in a few days to let y’all (that’s Texan, you know ;)) know that we accomplished our goal and received our certifications.

2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To…

  1. Love the blog Kuyats! Trace, we’re headed your way in mid-Sept…..well to Houston at any rate…..have no idea how close to you that might be or if y’all will even be in the great big state of Texas then! We’ll wave and send love in your direction, keep those posts coming! Shari and Ken


    • Hey Shar! That would be cool to see you guys. Let me know the dates. We are traveling to Colorado later in Sept so hopefully the dates don’t conflict. You can email or Facebook me.


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