I gotta say…I really love to cruise.  So nice to have someone else doing the cooking and cleaning.  Plus getting to eat whatever (almost!) and whenever we felt like it.  Apparently most folks gain a pound per day when cruising.  Yikes!

Our trip was with Carnival Cruise Lines aboard the Carnival Magic.  Big ship with capacity of almost 3,700 guests and almost 1,400 staff.  There are 2 pools, 4 jacuzzis that hang over the sides of the ship, 2+ other jacuzzis and tons of comfy chaise lounges all over the boat.  The Beach Pool area has a huge movie screen.  Music videos play during the day and movies at night.

The Lobby has lots of lighting and plenty of seating to listen to live music for several hours each evening.  During our cruise there was a fabulous guitar solo guy.  He played great music that we took a couple opportunities to sit and enjoy.  There was also a 4 piece band (all Asian guys) that sang 70s, 80s, Beatles and almost any song that people requested.  They were a lot of fun.

There was so much more aboard that we didn’t take advantage of.  Check Carnival Cruise Line’s website for more details.  Fun stuff 🙂

For the kids, both big and little, atop the ship is a water “park”.  Included is a water slide.  Guy used our new waterproof GoPro Hero3 Black to film the rides for Mikayla and Jayce.  Here’s our first ever video for your perusal:

The first 2 days were at sea.  We love sea days.  We got to explore the ship and just relax in the sun and enjoy the drink of the day (didn’t have any DBW this time, Ken.)

The ports we docked at were at Roatan (an island of Honduras), Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, (an island of Mexico).  We got to scuba dive in Roatan and Cozumel (more on diving next blog :)).  Beautiful!

If you ever take a cruise or trip that stops in Belize City, you’ve gotta do the Cave Tubing Excursion.  The only negative is that the  caves are actually about an hour and a half bus ride out of town.  But the positive is that we got to see a lot of the country not visible from Belize City.

Cave Tubing is a blast!!!  At the main area you get outfitted with a helmet, vest and tube.  You carry your tube through the jungle for about 30 minutes.  It was an easy walk and the guides are always telling you about the flora and fauna that you see.  At one point our guide, Norman, pointed out a termite nest and proceeded to eat a couple.  He then invited our group to taste some as well.  I didn’t but Guy did.  He said it tasted like chicken.  Just kidding, ha ha ha…it actually tasted like pepper.

The tubing itself was cool.  The water rushed in a couple of spots but other than those, it was a nice, easy going pace.  There were points within the cave that had 0 (zero) light.  When we turned our headlamps off it was pitch black.

We had purchased the lunch option for $10 more.  It was a super delish Belizean chicken, beans and rice meal.  Super yum!  Definitely worth it since we finished around lunch time and still had the ride back.

In Roatan we only dived and went back to the ship.  In Cozumel, we dived and after showering and getting ready, we went back ashore for lunch at 3 Amigos Restaurant (yes, named for the movie.)  The margaritas were only so-so.  Guy had the fish taco and I had the beef enchiladas with green sauce.  The food really was wonderful!

After Cozumel, we got one more sea day to relax after 3 days in a row of excursions.  So nice.

We left and returned to Port Galveston.  I gotta say, the Port is extremely organized for the cruises.  Simple to drive in, drop the luggage with the porter, park and hitch a ride with the shuttle back to the ship.  And leaving was handled exactly the same, just in reverse ;).

All in all a really enjoyable and relaxing trip.  Can hardly wait for the next cruise!

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  1. Hi you two vagabonds! Just go all caught up on of your blog! I will continue to follow the two of you, doing what most people only think/daydream about! What an amazing adventure!!!! Stay safe…Love, Sherry


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