Suggestions Anyone?

Hi y’all!

Guy & I are going on an impromptu trip to San Antonio for a couple of days.  We’ll be staying in Gruene (New Braunfels area).

Anyone have ideas on what to see and where to eat?

8 thoughts on “Suggestions Anyone?

  1. I was there last year when I took Erin to UT, see the Alamo (2 hrs) and walk the River walk nice to see (but mostly restaurants and a few galleries). Not a whole lot there. Lots of Caverns with an hour of NB/SA area.

    Have fun… I have 105 days left.



    • Hi Ed!
      The time will fly by! We really like to visit caverns, but, unfortunately, won’t have time this trip. We’ll definitely keep it mind for the next time we’re in the area.



  2. The Gruene River Grill is great, as is the Gristmill. What days will you be here? Phil is in Sacramento from today returning Monday evening. He went to visit his mother who is not doing well. If it works out, we would love to see you guys again.



    • Hi Kathy! We’ll be in some time on Mon and leaving Wed morning. Guy will text/email Phil to talk about Mon night for dinner, if that works for you guys. Look forward to seeing you!


  3. Miss Tracy! I can’t believe the adventures you guys have been having; sounds like you’re having a blast! I’m glad your travels are going well; looking forward to reading your further updates.

    If you’re big into water amusement parks, Schlitterbahn is kind of a New Braunfels landmark. And I’m told that Bistro Vatel (French restaurant) is well worth visiting. Not so budget-friendly, though. I remember Market Square being interesting as well, but it’s been so long – memory may be failing me. In any case, have fun in San Antonio! It’s a fun city.


    • Hey Penelope!!! So good to hear from you, even though it took me a few clicks to figure out who “Penelope” was 😉

      I wish we could’ve come to see you. It’s kinda been nonstop here, trying to get ready to go. Thanks for the suggestions. We’re excited to see San Antonio.

      Love and miss you and hope you come to see us!


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