We’re OFF!!!

We have arrived!  In Panama, at least :).  The rainy season is in full swing, although I guess October will have the heaviest rains.  It’s been cooler in Panama City, mid-80s or so.  We haven’t been out much yet so I think I will catch up on the last couple of weeks.  I haven’t had a chance to even open my laptop much less write anything.  We hope to start house hunting on Monday.  I will be definitely letting you know what we find out there.


Thanks to all who responded to the blog and on Facebook.  Our time in San Antonio was rather short, but we had a great time.

Susan, we LOVED Guenther’s and strongly suggest to anyone visiting, stop in and have a cinnamon roll.  Oh my goodness!  We thought we had the best in Morgan Hill at Donuts & Things.  But I have never had a cinnamon roll anywhere that was this good.  It was late morning so we split the roll and a club sandwich.  Amazingly delicious!

Guy, the history nerd, really wanted to see the Alamo.  I enjoy sights, museums and all but rarely know a ton about them.  I was pleasantly surprised by the set up at the Alamo. A ton of information and names but the layout helped me to understand the sequence of events that surrounded the ill-fated and historic battle that occurred there.

We purchased the audio tour ($7 each) and had a pleasant walk around the premises while hearing brief recordings.  Well worth the money, especially since I never really read up on these things ahead of time.  For example, I never knew that Texas was a nation, albeit for a short time.  Guy was a little unhappy that the actual buildings were mostly gone and that the south wall was now an imaginary line in the middle of the street.  But overall it’s worth the time to check out.

The next day we went to check out the River Walk.  Everyone’s told us that we have to go and see it.  I just figured it was a cool outdoor-type mall.  Well, it’s definitely outdoors and it’s definitely cool, but nothing I thought it would be.  We took the 40 minute boat tour ($8 each) and got a short history and points of interest tour from the comfort of the boat.  I think if we just walked all the way around it would’ve taken us all day.  Especially if we stopped for a beer or margarita at all the bars :)!

The River Walk was really an amazing place.  I thought it was a fairly recent addition, but it’s been around for some time.  It was really cool to be just feet from the main roads, but never really heard traffic.  We felt like we were in a different time & place.  We only got to visit for a couple of hours so I think we’ll be back to wander around more.


We got a quick visit in to Denver to see Guy’s sister, Kim, and her family.  We stayed with Kim & David and even got in part of the Broncos vs Raiders game.  It was so nice to see the nephews & nieces:  Christopher, Kelli, Michelle & Aubrey and Chris, Alicia, Alexis and Ryder.  Got to celebrate with Ryder for his #2 birthday.  The trip, though short, was great!


Leaving Texas was so very exciting yet a bit sad.  We really loved staying with Ray & Denniece and meeting and hanging with Krystopher, Chevella, Ashley & Cami and DeJuan, Krystal & Carter and John & Gail.  Such wonderful people that have become like family.  Their open hearts were so warm and welcoming.  We will miss them so much!

Here are a few things that we saw in Texas.  I do realize that they are probably in other parts of the US but I first saw them in Texas.  I missed a few pics that I had wanted to show (like Shipley’s Donuts and the Second Baptist Church) but then again, I didn’t see all of Texas either ;).

5 thoughts on “We’re OFF!!!

  1. Loved your blog. You guys really checked Texas out. I loved the pictures of the River Walk. You are so right, it is not what you think it will be. I do not know if it or the Alamo will be our first exploration when we move. Cannot wait to say, “I am from Texas!” Be safe and have fun on your adventure. Love you guys


  2. You guys have some good pics there, very nice. Can’t believe your leaving already. I do like Texas for their independence and that they do not bow down to the DC establishment. Hope to meet up with you guys in South/Central America somewhere. Safe travels.


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