Home Sweet Home…for now

We are settled in our new (temporary ;)) home!  What a whirlwind week it has been!  Flying into Panama and within a week we have a place to live.  We had prepared for 2-3 weeks of looking for the area we wanted as well as then trying to find a rental.  But God is good and who knew we’d end up where we first thought we’d like to be.

With all the changes that have occurred to our plan since we’ve started this process in May of 2012, we ended up at the beginning:  Boquete, Panama.  When we first began looking and researching, so much of what we found led to Boquete.  As we continued researching, our plans meandered around and we decided instead to head to Cocatachi, Ecuador.  Scuba diving changed that as Panama has more to offer for our new hobby.  As Spanish has also become a big priority, we felt that we could accomplish more by settling longer in one place that offered lessons.  Boquete is that place.

So with help from Mike’s assistant, Carolina, we found our new digs.  She’s as much a tour guide as an apartment hunting guide.  She and office assistant, Melissa, have been super helpful by answering all of our questions, driving us around, giving us contacts, as well as letting us use the internet in their office.

Apparently this is a difficult time to find a rental as there are many events occurring between now and March.  Festivals, parades and holidays bring many visitors to Boquete.  But Carolina was able to find us a studio apartment that we rented on a 3 month lease.  It’s a large, spacious and fully furnished place.  It’s clean and has everything we need to settle in for several months.  The owners, Jonathan and Melissa, are super nice and have been so helpful and easy to work with.

We moved in Saturday and have been very busy cleaning and setting up house.  We don’t have much but it still takes time figuring out how and where to put everything.  But we’re done and I’m finally starting to relax and feel like I’m home.

We’ve even met some of our neighbors already.  One of them, Duane, is a fellow scuba diver.  We’re hoping to get together with him some time to talk shop and learn what we knows about diving Panama.

Monday we start Spanish classes at Habla Ya.  We’ve heard great reports about this school from numerous sources, including one of our new neighbors.  So we are excited.  We will be going for 2 hours sessions, 3 days a week, for 10 weeks.  60 hours of lessons for $250 per person.  That works out to about $4.17 an hour for each of us.  Plus the class should be small.  They want a minimum of 4 per class.  Some new friends down the hall, Mansoor & Terry, know of one other person starting Monday so hopefully the minimum will be met.  Otherwise we’ll have to do private lessons and that will be a bit more.

So our adventure begins with a new start in Boquete, Panama.  Within a week or so I’m sure that we will have gotten into a routine and have more time to wander around and see the sights.  I hope to be posting more pictures of what we see and reviews of the places we visit.


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