About a year before we got here, I signed up for a Boquete email newsletter.  It’s primarily used by expats and anyone can post about events and such to let the community know what was upcoming.  It’s a nice way to find out what’s going on in the Boquete expat world.

One such notice was from the Boquete Birders Group for a birdwatching hike open to anyone, newcomers and experienced alike.  Boquete is known for its birds and it was going to be an easy going walk around the side roads in town.  I think birds are cool and I can always use practice taking pictures.  So Guy & I decided to go.

There was a group of about 15 people, most armed with binoculars or a camera or both.  Some were very experienced birders.  A few, like us, were first timers out to see what this was all about.  There were even a couple of people who were not too interested in birds, but came along to hang out with their spouses, chat with others and get in a really nice walk.

I was really surprised by the fact that we were never more than 2 streets away from the main drag.  Just slowing down and looking around can often reveal just how much there is hiding in plain sight.

I brought my trusty camera and took tons of photos.  There are almost 1000 species of birds in Panama.  No worries, I didn’t include that many pics.  But we saw lots of birds, which, I found out, are difficult to photograph.  The little ones especially are so full of energy that even sitting still on a wire, they seem to be constantly moving.  Most of my shots came out blurry.  Of course, my being a beginning amateur photographer is probably the biggest part of the problem.

I included the following bird pics, even the ones with imperfections, to show some of the variety and color that we got to see.

I am still constantly amazed by the beauty that we are surrounded by here.  I love that just by relaxing my pace, letting go of any stressful thoughts and looking around instead of just down, the world begins to open up and reveal itself.  These pictures show much of the flora that we saw on our walk.

There is so much to observe around the town when we take the time to see it.  I had a lot of fun with my camera :).

It was a beautiful day for a walk.  We got to meet nice people, see so much and get in some exercise to boot.  Fun times!

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