Bocas del Toro – Part 2 – Botanic Garden, Isla Bastimentos & Isla Colón

I am so amazed at the beauty that surrounds me in the tropics. I love the sea, the mountains, the jungle…all of it. And being on an island in the Caribbean may be the most beautiful of all. We spent time at the beach across the street from our friends’ apartment, bicycled in and around the town and explored the Botanic Garden.


Finca Los Monos is a property with a planned garden that is simply known as Botanic Gardens. The owners live on the 25 acre property and continually add to the already abundant flora on location. It was amazing to see all the different palms, flowers and trees and how beautifully it was all arranged. Guy, our friend, Alex, and I got to take a private tour of the property. It was simply amazing.

Even though this is a planned garden, much of the landscaping has the appearance of a natural jungle.

The variety of trees, flowers and other flora was incredible.

Even though it was raining when we first got there, it cleared up and we got to view some of the local wildlife.  Including, unfortunately, some rather nasty mosquitoes.


While in Bocas we were able to visit a couple different islands.  Isla Bastimentos is home to Red Frog Beach, a popular resort with a hotel, tent cabins, a restaurant and an amazing beach.  I wish I would’ve gotten more pics of the beach and grounds, but we didn’t stay long and were walking around & swimming a bit.  I was too chicken that I might get sand in my camera!


Our hotel room was directly across a channel from another island, Isla Carenero.  We grabbed a water taxi and for $1 each, we boated over to Carenero to hike around it. Walking through that part of town was interesting.  There is no pavement only a dirt path with high fences enclosing it.  Within a few minutes the town was behind us and we were walking on a path that went by a few homes and eventually past a few hostels.  Then just when we almost lost view of Isla Colón, we came upon a restaurant, Gigi’s.  Wow, what a cool place!  Food and drink was fabulous and the view was beautiful!

Our friends, Josh, Pamela and Alex left Bocas the same day as us and offered us a ride back to Boquete.  Josh has a vehicle so taking a water taxi wouldn’t work.  There is a ferry but it leaves late enough that we would have to get accommodations in Almirante, the port town on the mainland.  Accommodations in Almirante are less than desirable and the road between Almirante and Boquete is long, windy and unlit.  Not the easiest driving at night.

So Josh wrangled a deal with a local barge company.  They got us across the water in good time, at a lower rate than the ferry and in the morning.

Although Bocas del Toro is not my favorite place, I’m really glad that we went.  I saw some beautiful real estate and enjoyed the heat, humidity and sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Bocas del Toro – Part 2 – Botanic Garden, Isla Bastimentos & Isla Colón

  1. What great pictures. It takes a very special kind of person for an adventure like you two are having. And y’all are definitely the kind of people that will enjoy it to the max. Please keep up your blog as we really enjoy following your wonderful adventure. Ray & Denniece Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 02:54:42 +0000 To:


  2. Hi there – – little late to the fray – just discovered your blog and an thoroughly enjoying looking at your photographs and reading about your adventures! Best wishes, Wendy.


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