Our desire to see the world, a Panama Canal cruise and the opportunity to retire early has led to our adventure of following our noses and sharing via this blog.

Taking 2 suitcases and my Guy, I’ll be trekking around Central and South America looking for a place to call home. I’ll be posting pictures and stories via this blog, hopefully enticing others to come and share our adventures with us.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. We finally got a few min. to visit your blog since y’all left Texas. In the few months you spent with us here in Texas, it was as great of learning experience for our family as it was for the Kuyats. We really enjoyed having y’all here and enjoyed the wonder & love in your hearts for each other as you talked about your future wanderings. It is great that after a life of service y’all are able to live out your wishes together. The best to both of you and remember, Texas is a big state, you only saw a small part of it, and if you want to visit to see more, our guest house will be open. Ray, NeeCee Krys & Krystal and Family


  2. Hi Tracy, I met you and Guy at Habla Ya last year. Your exploration plans are quite similar to what my husband and I have been doing over the last two years. I sat next to one of your neighbors on the bus from David yesterday, and he mentioned your blog– very enjoyable to read, and wow, what great pics! ~~ Valerie


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