Las Lajas Beach Resort

¡Hola, mis amigos!  It’s been ages since I’ve blogged anything and I hope that you all haven’t given up on me. But I hit a point in my living here in Boquete where everything was just so everyday. I felt I had nothing interesting to write about. Recently my friend, Susan (who has an awesome blog about their travels here), suggested to me that the everyday stuff is what many people want to know about.

So I have been looking at my life here in Panama anew. With Susan’s encouragement and a different perspective, I have found that I really do have a lot to write about. Some of it will be everyday stuff, some will be new adventures. For this new beginning, I decided to tell you about our favorite get away.

Guy & I love living in Boquete. But when we need a break from our Mountain Tropical Paradise, we head to Las Lajas Beach Resort (LLBR), our Beach Tropical Paradise. We go as often as we can and are, in fact, leaving Thursday for a 2 night trip.

LLBR is the creation of Peter and Scott, 2 former California pizza parlor owners. They vacationed here, looked around, found some beachfront property and built the resort from scratch. It’s a 12-room resort with a pool, bar & restaurant, lawn area, covered sitting area and several palapas to sit under and gaze out over the ocean. The lawn area ends where the beach begins and depending upon the tide, the water is anywhere from at the grass to 2 hundred yards out. The hotel has perhaps 100 or so linear feet at the beach, but the beach itself goes off for miles in either direction. Often there are no other humans to be seen.

Sometimes we come with a large group of people from Boquete. Someone will send out an email saying they’ve booked dates and soon 8-10 couples are off to the beach. My friend, Robyn, has dubbed it Senior Day Camp. Sometimes, like our last trip, we are the only ones there.

Since we come often and turnover is fairly low, we have gotten to know the staff pretty well. They are a very cool group of people who take our happiness very seriously. They are friendly and hardworking. The last time we were at LLBR, Guy went out fishing with Julio, the night bartender, and had a great time. The way that Julio surf-fished was to prep the pole, walk/swim out into the surf beyond the waves, cast and then walk back to shore while letting line out. Once out on the beach he walked along keeping the line perpendicular to the coast as the bait moved with the current. It was different and fun to watch them. Unfortunately, no fish were caught, which according to the night receptionist, Jonathan, is par for the course with Julio.

The restaurant and bar are next to the pool and lawn area. The food is tasty and a good value. You don’t pay until you leave the resort, so you can leave your wallet in the room. Coffee and breakfast is available from about 7 a.m. And the bar is open until about 10:00 p.m.

Free activities include walks on the beach, reading and/or snoozing under a palapa or in a hammock, taking a dip in the pool or napping in your room.

For a small price you can rent a boogie or surf board (many people bring their own boards) or go horseback riding around the Las Lajas area with a local guide, Gama, who also works at the resort. You’ll know Gama as he’s the one in the blue LLBR t-shirt who always has a smile on his face.


Our friends, Jane and David, riding with Gama

These 2 videos were taken in March and that day the waves were amazing. Guy and our friend, Bob, couldn’t miss a wave!

Every clear evening ends with a spectacular sunset. On the nights that there are clouds, lightning, thunder and wonderful rain are often the backdrop.

Las Lajas Beach Resort is a magical place, a must-see when you are here in Panama!