Caroline, we did Pink Jeep Tours!  Very cool tour in a very PINK Jeep 🙂  They picked us up where we were staying.  The tour included one of the Dam tours and a pontoon ride on the south side of the dam.

We paid $129 for the tour (including pick up at our timeshare, which was big for us) with an additional $89 to go onto the pontoon boat. Apparently only 1% of tourists go on the boats.  It was a really cool perspective to see the dam and bridge from the water.  We felt it was worth the extra.

This was a great day.  The Hoover Dam is an incredible feat of engineering and manpower.  Loved it!


Biosphere2 is an ongoing research facility in the Oro Valley area of Tucson. Back in the ’90s, groups of scientists stayed sealed in the Biosphere2 for periods of up to 2 years.  While inside, they raised goats for milk and grew all their food.

Inside are 7 different areas called biomes, from rain forest to desert to ocean. Each area had its own climate.  Two large domes called lungs provided all the air circulation for the entire structure.  There was less than 2% air leakage when the facility was sealed.

After we had been at Biosphere2 for a couple of hours, we watched a storm move in.  There were thunderstorms all during this week.

Biosphere2 was a very interesting place out in the middle of nowhere.  Worth a stop if you’re in the area.


Guy is a history fanatic.  He’s always wanted to see Tombstone and walked the streets that Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday walked.  So we were off to Tombstone…

Tombstone is a pretty cool place.  It seems like most of the residents are involved in some aspect of the tourist trade to keep the town going.  A lot of people are in period dress which makes for a fun atmosphere.  We went to the Courthouse, Birdcage Theater and ate at Big Nose Kate’s.  We split a Reuben Sandwich and fries.  The food was fabulous!

The Courthouse and Birdcage Theater are museums that had self-guided tours.  Lots of history for such a small town.  Definitely worth taking the time and minimal cost (I believe around $7-10 per person).  The docent at the Theater was quite a character and had his spiel down pat.

To help get an overview of the town, we took the Stagecoach Tour.  It was informative and also enabled us to see stuff around the town that we wouldn’t have had time to get to had we walked.

The OK Corral had a Disney-ish presentation (remember Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow?) prior to the gunfight.  It gave a lot of Tombstone’s history and was, for being old, kinda cool.

The gunfight itself was just so-so.  The people are all volunteers and not professional actors.  It was a bit drawn out and very anticlimactic.  Plus I got about 100 bites by no-see-ums (I think).  Very painful little buggers.  So if you go to the show in the summer time, wear some bug repellant!

As we were leaving Tombstone, we stopped to get gelato since it was so hot.  Grandma Fudpucker’s had just okay gelato, but the peanut butter fudge was so awesome!  Just like Grandma Lorie used to make.  Seriously 🙂 Plus we got these rice krispy treats with chocolate chips and other good stuff in it.  Amazing sweet stuff!

On the outskirts of the town is Boothill.  For a suggested donation of $3 you get a pamphlet that has list of all the residents of Boothill.  It was pretty cool walking around the graves and seeing the names and dates and how they related to what we had seen and heard of in town.

All in all, a great day in Tombstone and worth the visit.



A great stop for lunch in Oro Valley is Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches.  Guy & I split a Prime Baggin’s and got 2 sides, potato salad and Chinese Sesame Salad.  Total YUM!  Btw the opened sandwich and the wrapped sandwich are the 2 halves 🙂

Bubb’s Grubb is a BBQ joint in Catalina, just a short way from our timeshare.  If you like BBQ, this is the place.  We split a 3 meat combo of pulled pork, beef brisket and pork ribs.  The sidekicks (dishes) we opted for were mac and cheese and potato salad.  Everything was delish! Bubb’s Grubb is a must if you are in Tucson.  Just don’t plan on Mondays or holidays as they will be closed.


We have sold, given away, donated and trashed EVERYTHING we own except what we could fit into 2 suitcases (each, of course.)

We said good-bye to our mechanics, Frank & Frankie, at Frank’s Auto.  We drank our last long islands with Lily at China Palace and ate our last bi bim bop & ramen with Hai at Big Grill BBQ.  We ordered our last bouquet (for MK’s big #8) from Diana at Stems and had our last Venti French Roast and Trenta Green Iced Tea Unsweetened with the gang at the Vineyard Starbucks.  You all ROCK!!!

Guy had his last shave & trim with Ramiro at Kuts & Colors. We said good-bye to Natalie (you’re the awesomest), at Canine Concepts and handed off care of Fraser to Mikayla (and, of course, her Mom, Dad and Jayce).  Fraser will miss Jackie at the dog park (and Bob too!)

We’ve partied with and said good-byes (some rather tearful) to friends & family.

As we drove away from everything that we’ve ever known, it hit both of us…we are really doing this.

And if we were not so convinced in our hearts that this is the right thing for us to do, we’d probably have turned back.

We have crossed into new territory.  We’ve never been here before.  Super apprehensive…super excited….and, after the last few weeks of preparation, super tired.

But we both know that we know that we know:  this is the right path for us.

The oft spoken words of Peter Pan come to mind, as together we step off into the unknown with the hopes and dreams of what adventures lie ahead:

“Here we gooooo!”